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Being in the web design business for 5 Years, Curz Web Design has focused on providing our clients with cutting-edge, cost effective solutions. Our award winning web site builder software currently serves thousands of personal and commercial web sites. Our Customized flash templates and online editor enable these clients to build their own unique web presence, and fully manage all aspects of their site using only an Internet browser.

We utilize our knowledge of the Web Development industry to provide you with high-quality and easy to work with Web sites. Our editing and content management interface does not require you to have any programming skills, and can be easily mastered in one hour or less. Our E-commerce solutions will help your site sell your product or service, and are tailored to meet the exact needs of your business!

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Professional Designs

Having a professional image is essential to the your website's success. It is equally important to have a web site that your clients can easily navigate and explore. Curz Web Design's site builder develops sites that contain an impressive visual identity, combined with a user friendly interface. Our site builder can create Flash/HTML sites that will accommodate almost any design concept.

Cost Effective Solutions

We specialize in creating Web sites for small and medium size businesses, schools, and other non-profit organizations. We evaluate the needs of each company to help create a successful web site that will get your message across in a clear and concise manor. For only $29.95 a Month, you can build, edit, manage, and Host a web site that you can fully control yourself.Curz Design company offers the perfect solution.

Your In Good Company

Are you looking for a Web Site Design company that offers the most technologically advanced web site builders ? You have come to the right place. Curz web design offers 2 separate site builders for you to try out for 15 Days, with no strings attached. We will be happy to assist you in designing the perfect site for you or your company, and will help ensure that your new web site is everything it should be - Plus More!


Customer Support - Prompt Response Times
Webmaster Assistance Available
2 builders To Choose from
Unlimited Access using Any Web Browser
Admin Panel Open 24/7 365 days A Year
Comprehensive Log Analyzer
PLUS much, much more !!

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